Frequently Asked Questions

For us at Vocal Latitudes, a world music choir is a choir that can sing anything it wants to!

We sing songs from different musical traditions from around the world, in many different languages. This has included traditional African music, gospel, jazz, Latin chants, Finnish Christmas Carols, Top 40 songs, Broadway hits, original compositions, Japanese poetry, Haitian Creole, themes from Video Games . . . the list goes on and on.

Each season our Artistic Director works to chose a very varied and interesting musical adventure for us to present to our audiences.

Vocal Latitudes rehearses on Tuesdays at 7:30 PM, when we are in session. We have two terms, one that starts in September and ends in December and our second session starts in January and ends in May. In addition to the main rehearsals, each sectional has two or three additional rehearsals in each session.
The choir rehearses in the Panabaker Hall at the Unitarian Church of Calgary.
No, we are a community choir run by the Vocal Latitudes Choir Society.
Vocal Latitudes is managed by the Vocal Latitudes Choir Society, a registered non-profit organization with a board of directors. The positions on the board are elected annually and they are responsible for managing the choir. There are many different volunteer roles for choir members and everyone is expected to help out in some way. The actual rehearsals are run by our Artistic Director, Frank Rackow.
There are many different volunteer roles for choir members and everyone is expected to help out in some way. Volunteers are needed in the following areas: Governance (Board of Directors, review of financial statements, nominations), Strategic Planning (mission, vision), Repertoire (music selection, distribution, training/education, librarian), Promotions (events, membership, concerts), Technology (website support, social media, registration, Dropbox), Membership (response to enquiries), Events (concert, reception, gifts).
The fees are set annually by our board of directors. The fees for the 2017-2018 season are $150 for a single term or $250 (a $50.00 discount) if you pay for the full year.

If you cannot afford to pay the fees, please talk to our treasurer.

Definitely! Although we are a non-audition choir, we are also a choir that works hard to create a great vocal performance for our audience and that means practice at home is a must!
The Members Area of our choir website contains audio files that you can use to practice with. As well each section will rehearse on its own once or twice each session to practice just their parts. Although it is certainly easier if you have some basic knowledge of music notation our helpful choristers will do everything they can to help make you be successful.
We have two big concerts each year, one per session. In addition, we have other singing opportunities that come up during the year, such as senior’s residences, which we try to do each term.
Unfortunately, not at this time. Choir members must be 18 years or older.
At last count it was 17.

(18 if you include the gibberish language, Cirquish, that Cirque du Soleil invented.)

The choir gives back to the community in several ways. For example, Vocal Latitudes donates a portion of concert proceeds to a chosen charity. Also, the choir partners with the Calgary Public Library and Sun Life Financial  Arts and Culture Pass program to open doors to arts and culture for low-income Calgarians. Patron Testimonials from the Arts and Culture Pass: “My friend and I enjoyed Vocal Latitudes at the Unitarian Church of Calgary. Extremely amazing musical sounds and I love World Music. Thank you for this experience. Most grateful. I am also grateful to Sun Life Financial Arts + Culture Pass. This is an excellent opportunity to attend concerts for low – income people. Thank you so much for this to happen.” “Thank you for a beautiful performance and the lovely tickets.” “The Medley of the songs were beautifully arranged.” “I have a lot of shame and stress, related to my low income status, and has been going through a very difficult time. Being able to get free passes to events in the city reminds me that there is so much kindness left in the world. So much talent, richness, so much to see and do. I am filled with gratitude for the chance to see the brighter side of life. Thank you to all the donors who make it possible for folks like me to attend events!! I hope to be able to give back in future better days! Thank you!” “The Arts + Culture Pass is a treasure, especially now with economic hardship facing our family, it is even more important than ever to have something special like this to attend. It is a chance for us to enjoy some of the good things in life that enrich the soul as much as gladden the heart. Once again, thank you for the lovely gift as it is very much appreciated!”
Absolutely. Come to the Unitarian Church of Calgary and visit us. Rehearsals are from 7:30 – 9:30 every Tuesday. Contact us via the CONTACT US page and let us know you are coming!