Q.: What is a world music choir?

A.: For us at Vocal Latitudes (VL), a world music choir is a choir that can sing anything it wants to!  Each season our Artistic Director works to choose a varied musical adventure for us to present to our audiences.

We sing songs from different musical traditions from around the world, in many different languages. This has included traditional African music, gospel, jazz, Latin chants, Finnish Christmas Carols, Top 40 songs, Broadway hits, original compositions, Japanese poetry, Haitian Creole, themes from Video Games . . . the list goes on and on.

Q.: When are rehearsals/shows?

A.: We rehearse on Tuesdays from 7:15 to 9:15 pm. We have two terms, one that starts in September and ends in December and a second that starts in January and ends in May. In addition to the main rehearsals, each vocal section has two or three additional rehearsals in each session. We host major concerts at the end of each term in December and May. We also perform at seniors’ residences and by invitation at community events.

Q.: Who runs Vocal Latitudes?

A.: Vocal Latitudes is managed by the Vocal Latitudes Choir Society, a registered non-profit organization with a board of directors. The members on the board are elected annually and they are responsible for managing the choir. Rehearsals are run by our Artistic Director, Krishan Power, with our pianist Faye White.

Q.: What are membership fees?

A.: The fees are set annually by our board of directors. The fees for the current season are $150 for a single term or $275 if you pay for the full year.

Q.: How do I make my fees payment?

A.: Fees can be paid to the treasurer at a practice in cash or by cheque or by debit or credit card to Vocal Latitudes, or by e-transfer to [email protected].

Q.:  Do I need to practice at home?

A.: Definitely! Although we are a non-auditioned choir, we are also a choir that works hard to create a great vocal performance for our audience and that means practice at home is a must!

Q.: I don’t read music. Can I participate?

A.: You must love to sing and be able to carry a tune (match pitch). The Members Area of our choir website contains audio files that you can use to practice with. Each section rehearses their parts separately about 2-3 times/session. Although it is certainly easier if you have some basic knowledge of music notation, our helpful choristers will do everything they can to help make you be successful.

Q.: Can children join?

A.: Unfortunately, not at this time. Choir members must be 18 years or older.

Q.: In how many languages have you performed?

A.: At last count it was 17. (18 if you include the gibberish language, Cirquish, that Cirque du Soleil invented.)

Q.: Can I sit in on a session before I commit?

A.: Absolutely. Come to the Calgary Unitarians building to visit us at rehearsal time on Tuesday from 7:15 – 9:15 pm. We’ll be holding tryout rehearsals on January 16 or 23, 2024.
Please use the “contact us” page to let us know you are coming!