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Do you love to sing? Vocal Latitudes is a community choir in Calgary that is looking for enthusiastic choristers to join! We are looking forward to an exciting 2022-23 season. You don’t need to be able to read music or have previous choral experience.  If you can carry a tune, we can teach you the rest. 

Vocal Latitudes is a non-auditioned, world music, community choir in Calgary, Alberta. 

Our director is Frank Rackow.

Our accompanist/pianist is Faye White.



Our Fall session started on Tuesday September 13 2022. Please arrive by 7 pm for registration and to pick up your new music binder.

For the fall session (we divide the year into two parts, singing different repertoire), we’re excited about a couple of brand new songs. Vocal Latitudes (as the name implies) has always been up for the challenge of singing in many languages. (We’ve lost count of the number). This fall we’ll sing in Ladino again with a lovely arrangement of a lullaby from Flory Jagoda,  Durme Durme. And we will sing a gorgeous song from Cuba in Spanish called Sigue. As well, there will be some seasonal and Christmas repertoire, a bit of jazz, pop and South African song as well. It’s going to be a lot of fun. 

And the winter/spring session will highlight the work of Canadian choral composers and songwriters. 


While we’re waiting for the next session to begin, here’s the Vocal Latitudes Virtual Choir singing Brian Tate’s “Greater Than”.


Vocal Latitudes 2022-23 Season

Calgary’s World Music Choir

Do you love to sing? Vocal Latitudes is a community choir in Calgary that welcomes enthusiastic choristers! You don’t need to be able to read music or have previous choral experience. If you can carry a tune, we can teach you the rest. Vocal Latitudes is a non-auditioned, world music community choir in Calgary, Alberta.

Our director is Frank Rackow.

Frank Rackow

Our accompanist/pianist is Faye White.

Faye White Vocal Latitudes Community Choir Calgary

Our fall session started on Tuesday, September 13, 2022. And our winter-spring session will start on Tuesday January 10, 2023.

Vocal Latitudes Session 2022-23  

Hello choristers,

We are enjoying an exciting season for this fall and winter/spring. The choir is back to rehearsing in person and giving a full range of performances, including our own concerts as well as guest appearances in the ProArts at Noon series and other possibilities.  We will also continue to offer the option of participating remotely via Zoom.
There is a wide range of song and choral works in our fall session.
And for the winter/spring session, we will put a special emphasis on Canadian songwriters and choral composers. 
As well, some members of Vocal Latitudes will likely travel to New York City in November 2023 to take part in a concert produced by DCINYC at either Carnegie Hall or Lincoln Centre. This is a very exciting opportunity and will be open to registered VL members.
We hope you will join us for a great season of making music together. 
Frank Rackow
Artistic Director

: Fees for each term are $150 per member or $250 for both terms if paid upfront. For those members who would like to participate but find the membership fee a problem, please contact our membership team  at [email protected] for reduced payment options (or select this option on the registration form). We do not want costs to prevent you from joining us this term.

Who can join: Membership is open to adult Albertans who are interested in participating fully in singing with a committed group of choristers. We are hoping to have a group of 30-40 people join us for the fall session.

Registration process:   

This is a 2-step process:

1) Fill in the registration form at this link

2) Send your payment of $150 (or $250 for the full year) via e-transfer to our treasurer, Sandie Black, at [email protected] and note in the message section “VL 2022-23 fees”.

Note: If you are requesting a reduced fee, please hold off payment until you have been contacted by our membership committee.

When you have completed both registration and payment, you will receive email details and links to access our rehearsals.










Do you love to sing?  Love music from a variety of traditions and eras? Vocal Latitudes is a non-auditioned world music community choir. We sing for two terms a year, September–December and January–May; each term closing with a public concert.

 If you want to experience the benefits of singing in a welcoming vocal community, Vocal Latitudes may be the choir for you.  Vocal Latitudes meets Tuesday evenings at 7:30 PM from September to May in a convenient central location.  Repertoire includes jazz, gospel, African, Canadian, Renaissance, pop, original and contemporary.

You do not need to be able to read music if you wish to join. It is important that you love to sing and can carry a tune!  Please be aware that we are quite ambitious and our repertoire can be quite challenging, but you can also count on great supports to help you learn your parts and become a better singer!

 If you are interested in singing with us, feel free to come and visit us on Tuesday night or use the contact us button on this page and send us an email.

Vocal Latitudes is a World Music Community Choir which is managed by the Vocal Latitudes Choir Society,  a registered non-profit organization. The society’s board is elected at our AGM. Our current chair is Mich Michell.

Our director, Frank Rackow has been trained in music at Concordia and McGill universities in Montreal. As a woodwind player, he has performed at clubs and festivals across the country. In addition, he has acted as music director for theatre productions in Ottawa, Toronto and Hamilton.


Q.: What is a world music choir?

A.: For us at Vocal Latitudes (VL), a world music choir is a choir that can sing anything it wants to!  Each season our Artistic Director works to choose a varied musical adventure for us to present to our audiences.

We sing songs from different musical traditions from around the world, in many different languages. This has included traditional African music, gospel, jazz, Latin chants, Finnish Christmas Carols, Top 40 songs, Broadway hits, original compositions, Japanese poetry, Haitian Creole, themes from Video Games . . . the list goes on and on.

Q.: When are rehearsals/shows?

A.: We rehearse on Tuesdays at 7:30 PM, when in session. We have two terms, one that starts in September and ends in December and a second that starts in January and ends in May. In addition to the main rehearsals, each vocal section has two or three additional rehearsals in each session. We host major concerts at the end of each term in December and May. We also perform at seniors residences and by invitation at community events.

Q.: Who runs Vocal Latitudes?

A.: Vocal Latitudes is managed by the Vocal Latitudes Choir Society, a registered non-profit organization with a board of directors. The members on the board are elected annually and they are responsible for managing the choir. Rehearsals are run by our Artistic Director, Frank Rackow.

Q.: What are membership fees?

A.: The fees are set annually by our board of directors. The fees for the current season are $150 for a single term or $250 (a $50 discount) if you pay for the full year.

Q.:  Do I need to practice at home?

A.: Definitely! Although we are a non-auditioned choir, we are also a choir that works hard to create a great vocal performance for our audience and that means practice at home is a must!

Q.: I don’t read music. Can I participate?

A.: You must love to sing and be able to carry a tune (match pitch). The Members Area of our choir website contains audio files that you can use to practice with. Each section rehearses their parts separately about 2-3 times/session. Although it is certainly easier if you have some basic knowledge of music notation, our helpful choristers will do everything they can to help make you be successful.

Q.: Can children join?

A.: Unfortunately, not at this time. Choir members must be 18 years or older.

Q.: In how many languages have you performed?

A.: At last count it was 17. (18 if you include the gibberish language, Cirquish, that Cirque du Soleil invented.)

Q.: Can I sit in on a session before I commit?

A.: Absolutely. Come to the Calgary Unitarians building to visit us at rehearsal time on Tuesday from 7:30 – 9:30pm. Contact via the “contact us” page to let us know you are coming!


Happiness Cartoon

Thanks for your interest in Vocal Latitudes, an unaffiliated community choir.  Our email form is below. We will get back to you as soon as we can!

  • Do you have questions about the choir?
  • Are you thinking of joining but would like more information?
  • Would you like to book us for a performance?
  • Are you an artist who would like to collaborate with an enthusiastic choir?

We practice Tuesday evenings at Panabaker Hall in the Calgary Unitarians building on 1st Street just north of 16th Ave NW

What is the lowest voice part in choral singing?