What will we sing? – Durme Durme

“What songs are we going to sing this season? ” is a question I get a lot. Choristers and audiences alike love the wonderful variety and quality of our repertoire.

Well, here’s a first preview (more to come in the next few weeks). Thanks to the artistic advisory committee for working on this.

Durme Durme is not the first song in Ladino (the Sephardic Jewish tongue) that we have sung. It’s also not the first song by Flory Jagoda. Jagoda, who died in 2021, was a Bosnian Jewish musician who escaped the Nazis and lived in the United States. She was a key figure in the revival of Sephardic music. Her Chanukah song, Ocho Kandelikas, is already in our repertoire. Now are are adding a beautiful lullaby, Durme Durme. Have a listen to this version.

Frank Rackow
Artistic Director