Our 2022-2023 Season has Begun

The Vocal Latitudes community choir is so excited to announce the beginning of our 2022-2023 season has begun! We are happy to welcome back our existing Calgary and to welcome our new members. If you have been thinking about joining our Calgary community choir, don’t worry, there’s still plenty of time to register. We are a non-auditioned community choir. If you can carry a tune, you’ll fit right in! You don’t need to be able to read music to be able to join our choir. Our experienced choristers will help you to learn music.

What to Expect

This season we will be back to rehearsing in person. It will be great to have everyone back together. We will also be giving a full range of performances. This includes our concerts as well as guest appearances in the ProArts at Noon series and many other exciting possibilities. You are also able to attend remotely by Zoom if you wish to do so.

What Will We Sing?

The Vocal Latitudes Artistic Advisory committee has chosen a wide range of song and choral work for our 2022 session. Additionally, we will be placing a particular emphasis on Canadian songwriters and choral composers.

We will also be singing Durme Durme. This is a beautiful song that we will be singing in Ladino (the Sephardic Jewish tongue). It was composed by Flory Jagoda who was a Bosnian Jewish musician who managed to escape to escape the Nazis and began a new life in the United States. She was a central figure in renewing interest in Sephardic music. Previously, we have sung her Chanukah song Ocho Kandelikas.  We are excited to explore more music by this talented composer who sadly passed away in 2021.

Another song that we are looking forward to singing is the sacred Christmas carol Gaudete.  It is believed to have been composed during the 16th century. This song has been adapted many times. In 1973, it was covered by the English folk band Steeleye Span and made it all the way up to number 14 on the pop charts. It’s fascinating to see how songs survive and evolve over the years. We are looking forward to singing this beautiful song.

Join Our Calgary Choir

We welcome new members to join our world music community choir. We rehearse from 7:30 pm to 9:30 pm on Tuesdays at the Calgary Unitarians building. You are welcome to sit in on a session to see if our Calgary choir is the right fit for you. Contact us today to learn more! We are excited to have you join us now that our 2022-2023 season has begun.