Join Vocal Latitudes

Do you love to sing? Have you been considering joining a choir? Vocal Latitudes is a non-auditioned community choir in Calgary, Alberta. We sing a wide variety of world music. There are many different types of choral music from all around the world. We like to explore many different types of music such as African music, jazz, gospel, Finnish Christmas Carols, Latin chants, Broadway hits, Top 40 songs, Haitian Creole, Japanese poetry, etc. If you enjoy learning new types of music, then you should join Vocal Latitudes. We are the community choir Calgary loves!

New Members

We welcome all new members. You must be able to carry a tune (match pitch) and love to sing! Don’t stress if you can’t read music. Our helpful choristers will ensure that you can learn the music. We also have a Members Area on our website that contains audio files of the songs. This will help you to practice at home.


Vocal Latitudes rehearses every Tuesday at 7:30 pm when we are in session. We have two terms per year. The first begins in September and ends in December. The second begins in January and ends in May. Our rehearsals are divided into sections. We have the main rehearsal, and we also have two to three additional rehearsals for every vocal section. This allows every vocal section to thoroughly learn its part.


Vocal Latitudes community choir is managed by the Vocal Latitudes Choir Society (VLCS). The VLCS is a registered non-profit organization that has a board of directors. Board members are elected annually and manage the choir. The rehearsals are run by the Artistic Director, Frank Rackow. The fees for the current season are $150 for a single term and $250 if you pay for both seasons. This also gives you a savings of $50.

What Next?

You are welcome to sit in on a session of a Vocal Latitudes rehearsal session before you commit to joining. Please contact us to let us know that you are coming. We are excited to have new members and to grow our choirs. We host major concerts at the end of every term. Vocal Latitudes also performs at seniors’ residences and by invitation at community events. Vocal Latitudes is the world music community choir Calgary loves! Join today!